A Sustainable Solution

We do not believe in ‘throw away furnishings’ and adding to the ever-increasing landfills; we ensure our bespoke products are highly sustainable and produced in an environmentally friendly workplace.

Our factory is a hive of sustainability:

  • Purpose built, we moved in in 2017 knowing that the built specifications have ‘sustainability’ and ‘energy efficient’ in mind, including insulated walls, reducing the need for extra heating.
  • We chose to invest in energy efficient LED lights.
  • We made every effort to separate our rubbish in house, making sure recyclables were put in the blue bin which we paid to empty every week.
  • The products we make are made of versatile, resilient fabrics with a long-life span, reducing consumer need.
  • We offer repairs, wash and reproofs on existing work as an alternative.
  • Any remnants of canvas is up-cycled into bags and other useful items.
  • The remnants of the foam material used for the interior of our cushions is recycled rather than disposed.
  • Our CNC cutting uses the ‘nesting’ method, which minimises the amount of material waste produced.

When you choose Heritage Garden Upholstery, you are investing into a long term commitment for your garden, as our products are not there to be thrown away after one season. Our creations are designed to last.

A Colourful Solution

Using fabrics from the refined Sunbrella Outdoor Collection, our outdoor furnishings will not only inject vitality into to your garden, but they will also be able to withstand mildew and UV ray degradation!

At Heritage Garden Upholstery, we thrive on the importance of outdoor living spaces. We can offer tailor made solutions for your garden where no area is too big or small for us to work our magic.

Our exquisite garden upholstery and outdoor cushions will upgrade your external living space to ‘stylish outdoor retreat’, a home away from home, or your escape from reality.

A Comfortable Solution

At the root of it all, Heritage Garden Upholstery want to make outdoor living as comfortable as possible for you, physically and mentally. Your outdoor living can be enhanced so much more with us.

Picture your current outdoor set up and consider the arrangement of the furniture:

  • Are you immediately aware of your current outdoor upholstery – does it look inviting and full of life, or on it’s last legs?
  • Is there good Feng Shui?
  • Do you feel calm and content just by viewing your set up at first glance or do you feel if something is missing?

A Stylish Solution

If you are feeling like there is a missing piece of the puzzle, then consider Heritage Garden Upholstery. Our bespoke outdoor furnishings will complete your outdoor living jigsaw by bringing relaxation, colour and comfort to your garden for any time of the year.

Consider cosy, sturdy cushions for your outdoor gatherings (whatever the weather!), or a luxurious sunbathing mattress for those afternoons for when you want to soak up the sun.


Sunbrella sofas

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