Utilising Sunbrella Fabrics for Upholstery

At Heritage Garden Upholstery, we believe that style, sustainability and comfort should be at the heart of every design. That’s why we only use only the best and most recommended outdoor fabrics.

Sunbrella, the leading and number one global marine fabric, allows us to do just that. Their innovation and passion in providing superior performance fabrics has enabled our team to enhance their customers’ vision, when it comes to the all important design, with brilliant UV and mildew resilience along with exceptional colour fastness.

The Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics Collection also offers superior water resistance by utilising a durable polyurethane undercoating, and with cutting-edge care and clean technology, you won’t have to worry about spillages on your accessory upholstery and outdoor cushions.

We do not believe in ‘throw away furnishings’ and adding to the ever increasing landfills; we ensure our bespoke products are made from environmentally friendly materials, and produced in a highly sustainable manner.

Our Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics Collection


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